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To provide discerning home owners and design professionals quality and individually personalized improvements while maintaining a commitment to craftsmanship, organization, and efficiency.

Our Mission:


Residential Remodeling in Ashland Oregon
Reliable Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in Ashland OR
Detailed carpentry contractor in Ashland Oregon

Scott Wells Construction Company is a General Contractor located in Medford, Oregon specializing in large and small scale remodeling projects.  We excel at performing whole house renovations, kitchen and bath remodels, detailed carpentry work, and energy efficient upgrades.   LET US SHOW YOU HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT.

Customer Service

Chances are that you’ve been through a remodel project before… and chances are that you may not have been very impressed with the process. This is usually a result of disorganization on the part of the contractor. At Scott Wells Construction Company we know that we are not perfect, but we strive to be. We provide the highest level of personalized customer service by utilizing a well-planned clear path to project completion for each and every project.


Communication.  Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality personalized improvements, and this process starts and ends with communication.  By listening to you from the initial meeting, through the planning and permit phases, and to the installation of the final cabinet handle, we will cater to your needs and concerns. Remodel projects can require many different individuals contributing at different levels for the process to be a success.  Whether working out design bugs with a draftsman, detailing a material delivery, or supervising a subcontractor on the project, Scott Wells Construction Company represents you and your best interests. We are the conduit for all communications on your project.                                                                                                                                                                    

Plan the Work.  The old adage “by failing to plan – you have planned to fail” couldn’t be more true when it comes to a remodel project. Scott Wells Construction Company collaborates with local expert designers, engineers, and material suppliers to

create project plans and drawings that include not only the structural requirements but also the finish details and materials of your unique project. We provide you with product samples and detailed mock-ups to help assist us all in making the right design choices. Before starting your project we create a thorough written scope of work and project schedule that is specific to your project. These documents help us stay organized and on track as well as keeping you informed. In addition, we will conduct site walkthroughs with you to help you visualize how your home and life will be impacted once the project begins. We will create a strategy to address things like pets, parking, and security.


Work the Plan.  Your remodel project is unique and requires unique attention. We realize that having remodel work performed on your home is a bit of an inconvenience – not to mention what the neighbors might think. During the remodel process, Scott Wells Construction Company strives to make the experience as painless as possible. By addressing the potential pitfalls of the project, during the planning phase, the execution of the work becomes fairly predictable. The many layers and components involved in completing a remodel project can seem overwhelming, and Scott Wells Construction Company coordinates these items for you.

Scott Wells Construction Medford Oregon

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